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Houses London

Houses in London for sale attract investors

Houses in London for sale are always of interest to both super wealthy buyers and people with small budgets. It is not a secret that precisely in England appeared the aphorism "My house - my fortress". This was said back in the 16th century by the barrister Sir Edward Coke in his comments to the part of the medieval English law, which refers to the inviolability of the home. Since then, the house is not just a structure, but a place where the owner can feel as a master of the world. 

Houses in London for sale for those who are looking for confidence in the future

Nowadays homes, especially in the magnificent British capital, are considered a long-term and more than secure investment that is able to preserve not only the welfare of the owner but rather to become a reliable protection for his finances in this troubled century. The benefits of property ownership have been proven in the difficult years of the global financial crisis, when many markets literally collapsed. House prices in London also fell but in the segment of luxury homes, the cost of lodging was almost not affected and today shows steady growth.

Houses in London for sale: the price that's worth it

Now the property market in London is one of the most attractive in the world. It is well known that the number of houses is very limited, and that is why the prices of properties in the British capital are one of the highest. Of course, the high standard of living has major impact on property prices. However, namely the UK can boast not only with turbulent history, but also with its ancient traditions, preserved by the people until nowadays.

Lodging in London: what and where?

London is a huge property market where everyone can find a place that meets his requirements and budget. Super wealthy buyers prefer contemporary style luxury apartments in Kensington Palace Garden, Hyde Park, houses and flats in Virginia Water and St. George's Hill, located within exclusive and private gated developments. People with more modest budgets opt for the North Greenwich, where the cost of high-quality primary housing is much lower than, for example, in Nine Elms, despite the fact that in order to get to the center you have to use the subway... In short, everyone can find their home and to conquer the British capital - they only must have the desire for that and...the necessary funds.

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