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property Mexico

Investment in properties in Mexico, the pros

In recent years the picturesque and exotic Mexico more and more attracts not only foreign tourists, but property buyers. And despite a number of restrictions that exist in the state for foreign buyers, with the help of knowledgeable attorneys can be quite simple and legal to acquire real estate in the country. And it is easy to understand those who more actively enter the market and acquire properties in Mexico. On the one hand, there is no oversaturation even in major cities and at popular seaside resorts. On the other hand, the Mexican market is developing, and is still very, very promising.

Properties in Mexico by the sea

Of course, the first thought of buying housing in Mexico, arise among those who at least once visited this tropical country. And it's hard to resist the desire to have your own home in the resort, which in the fifties of the last century has been a favorite destination among American millionaires, Acapulco, or a modern leisure center, striking with its architecture, Cancun. After all, everyone knows that having a house on the shores of the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean, will make the vacation not only more private and prolonged, but also more economical.

Buying properties in Mexico can be in any segment of the market

Namely the resort housing in Mexico is now the most attractive and promising segment of the local market. On the one hand, the local seaside resorts recently started to gain popularity among the Europeans, as they were originally a place of rest exceptionally for American citizens. On the other hand, due to the greater inflow of foreign tourists, started the development of a new construction, which allows you to buy primary housing at the sea in Mexico on a very attractive price.

Buying realty in Mexico in "the Closed zone"

As strange as it may sound, but this resort housing in Mexico is located in the so-called "closed" to foreign buyers area. The local law prohibits foreigners from buying property, located within 50 kilometers of coastline, and on the local islands. But the country has a Fideicomiso system that entitles foreign citizens to become home owners in these areas. This trust system gives foreigners right to manage with their property. In this case the buyer is a full, legal owner of the property.

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