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Property Dominican Republic

Properties in Dominican Republic deserve your attention

The Dominican Republic among countries of the Caribbean - one of the most attractive and interesting. The country has a stable political system and economy and wide investment possibilities. Properties in Dominican Republic are in the stage of active growth of prices. Also important is the fact that it is environmentally clean region. Buying of residential property and land in the country is equally beneficial, thus it is possible easily to obtain a residence permit.

Many reasons to buy properties in Dominican Republic

What are the reasons you should buy housing in the country? You can visit this country without a visa, but only with a tourist card that can be bought directly from the airport. In this state you can give quality education to your children, in particular linguistic one. The country offers a quality high level education in the languages such as French, German, Spanish and of course English. The state has a lot of international special schools and kindergartens. And the university degree, obtained in the Dominican Republic, is recognized worldwide, so it is not only a tourist destination, but also a good place to get a decent education.

Rentable properties in Dominican Republic

Property in the country can be rented all year round, since the climatic conditions of constant summer do not make the tourist flow depending on the season. Local resort property is well leased at competitive prices. It is a good source of revenue, if you do not live there permanently. Tourists are attracted by clear waters of the ocean, washing this exotic island, by the sun, palm trees and the white sand. And the magnificent scenery creates a sense of fairy-tale reality.

Features of property registration in Dominican Republic

The Government is interested in investments from abroad, so foreigners are not restricted in buying a property in the state. The tax system is loyal, and if you invest the amount of 200 thousand dollars in the economy, you can become a resident of the Dominican Republic. Since 1998, foreigners were granted the same rights to purchase real estate as the local population, thus it can be bought as an individual only using your international passport. Residence in the country deserves your attention, because the price level is so low that the only thing that can happen is their rapid growth, and this is pure profit.

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