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43.653226000000000 -79.383184300000000 14 Flat / Apartment £ 341 983 3543951
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£ 341 983
5 428 £/m2
63 m2
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property Canada

Buy properties in Canada – it’s interesting!

For many buyers from the former Soviet Union the pristine nature and middle-latitude climate zone in Canada - pleasant facts. Canada is known as a country of emigrants, whose flow has increased in the past thirty years, and only about forty percent of the population can call themselves native Canadians. The country attracts a large flow of immigrants for some reasons: its economic level is high, the state is one of the most developed and wealthy in the world, and has a high level of health and education. The main part of the population lives along the border with the United States, because the rest of the vast territory is characterized by harsh northern climate. Examining properties in Canada, you will see a large number of offers. The most popular cities in the country - Toronto, Quebec, Calgary and Vancouver.

Properties in Canada, the pros

Lodging in Canada in the form of private houses with garages and plots of land are concentrated around major cities. In suburbs there are the same but semi-detached houses. It's nice that the country strictly monitors the absolute cleanliness of both houses and its adjacent territories.

Properties in Canada from the builder

In the country is popular residential housing from the builder in apartment buildings in the city, with security, laundry and parking. This is so-called condominium - a modern form of real estate. You cannot worry about the quality of construction in Canada - the country has always built well, but today, thanks to modern technologies – it is more quickly.

Buying property in Canada

There are no restrictions on the sale of real estate to foreigners, with the exception only of protected areas and local nuances in some provinces. Housing prices in Canada are stable and properties are good for investment - rental income in large cities is very topical. The realty in the capital of Ottawa, for example, is relevant for business people and students, but the largest and most popular city in the country is still not the capital, but the city of Toronto, and real estate there is a particularly profitable for investment. This is the economical and cultural center of Canada, which is home to one third of the total population. Montreal - also a major cultural and scientific center, and Vancouver - the main town on the west coast, and almost one of the best cities in the world to live in, as from your windows you could see the ocean and the mountain peaks.

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